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Commander Keen ep.6 (Shareware)

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Reproduction Shareware floppy disk of Commander Keen ep.6 (Aliens Ate my Babysitter).

Disk Type: 1.44mb 3.5" (high density). Make sure you have a compatible floppy drive before ordering.

This disk is bootable and you can choose to either play the game directly from the floppy disk or install the game to your hard drive. That means you don't need a working hard drive in your computer to play this Commander Keen game with this disk!

If you want to play this on a modern PC I'd recommend acquiring this game from some other source as this listing is for people with older PCs that want to experience the shareware system as it was intended: Pick up a shareware copy from your vendor of choice (in this case: me), install it, play the first episode, and decide if you want to buy the full version.

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