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Trolley Follies

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Trolley Follies is a Commodore 64 game made by me (the seller) in 2018. This is a homebrew game which was released as a digital download on Black Castle Software or If you just want to play the game feel free to go over to and download it and play it either on your Commodore 64 or your emulator of choice.

This listing is for the physical release of the game.

First, a description of the game (scroll down for information about this listing and what all is included):

The object is to drive a trolley around picking up passengers and delivering them to their destinations.

The track layouts get increasingly convoluted and confusing as the levels progress.

Passengers are impatient and your score will be determined by how happy they are when you drop them off, their happiness is determined by how long they had to wait.

Passengers left waiting at platforms for too long will leave and that will actually hurt your score.

There is a time limit for each level as well as a minimum required score you must achieve before the exit to the next level is opened. If there is time remaining you may continue to pick up and drop off passengers after the exit is open to increase your score.

Your highest score for the level will be recorded in a high scores file and the next time you play that level you will need to exceed your previous best to progress. Although this feature may be disabled and you can choose to reset the high scores file from the main menu.

Also included is a level editor so that you can create new levels.

Now a description about this listing and what is included:

You get a floppy disk with the latest version of the game on both sides (the back is write-protected and the front is not).

The disk has a custom laminated label and is put into a custom sleeve with custom artwork.

You get a color printed manual on glossy paper with 18 pages total; this is the same manual available for download as a PDF on This is put into a protective re-sealable container and for shipping the whole thing wrapped in bubble wrap and sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard and then put into a bubble mailer.

The manual includes maps of all of the levels that come with the game (more levels can be added using the level editor or importing other people's levels).

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