Hi, this is not a store, I'm not a seller by trade. I just am a guy that happens to occasionally have stuff he wants to sell and doesn't feel like dealing with ebay, etsy, bonanza, or other such sites.

Most likely you got here because you found a forum post of mine on Atari Age, Vintage Computer Federation, or some other forum. Or maybe you saw something listed on my BBS (Community).

This site just hosts images and information about the stuff I currently want to sell so that I don't have to keep re-typing it as I post it on different forums and so that I can post this stuff on BBSs but still have pictures available.


If you want to buy any of this stuff you should already know how to contact me from the forum or BBS I posted on. Of course I *could* post my e-mail address here but you know ... spammers! So what I've done is set up a forwarding e-mail address which I may change the address of from time to time depending on how much spam is coming in. And I need to obfuscate that (below) because there's more evil robots on the internet now than real humans actually wanting to legitimately contact me.

As of right now, the current forwarding address is comprised of:

Okay but here's the thing: The email forwarder is very slow, sometimes it could take an hour before I actually get it and it might even show up in my spam folder so hopefully you were able to just contact me through the BBS or forum where I posted. Having said that I do check my spam folder sometimes and have taken steps to try to convince my email provider that emails from the above addres is not spam.


Atari 800 Mechanical Keyboard

A drop-in replacement mechanical keyboard for your Atari 800 computer. All you need to install is a screwdriver. You can re-use your existing Atari 800 keyboard's keycaps using the included (and installed) MX to Stackpole adapters. So the look of your Atari remains original!

(upcoming) - 486 DX-33 Motherboard/CPU combo with 32MB ram - I need to hook this up get photos also I'm not 100% sure if it's 32MB or ram so need to verify that.

(upcoming) - ET4000 16-bit ISA VGA video card - Just need to take some photos.